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Highly proficient team of doctors from various specialities with AI driven efficient workforce ensuring high quality data training for faster deployment of AI models.

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What makes us unique?

Founded by a group of competent doctors and healthcare Professionals having expertise in data training for medical AI solutions. Zygoma AI is able to provide well curated datasets, accurate data annotations and labelling services in a highly secured environment.

What makes us unique? Passion led us here

Workforce edge with Healthcare Consultants

Zygoma AI’s in house doctors perfom multitple level of analysis to create tailor made methodology across various verticals.


Fostering the growth of medical AI startups worldwide through the provision of top-tier data training, including precise x-ray data annotation and labeling services.  Read more about  Radiology Data Annotation


Zygoma AI aims to support healthcare enterprises in developing innovative products and treatments for various medical conditions by providing expert-led data labeling services for precise annotation of cytology histopathology slides.  Read more about  Pathology Data Annotation


Zygoma AI expediently delivers the essential data required for production by integrating cutting-edge predictive and automated annotation technology with meticulous dental data annotations carried out by our in-house dental surgeons.  Read more about  Dental Data Annotation


Zygoma AI provides ophthalmology-guided data labeling and annotation services to ensure accurate annotations of fundoscopy images. These services assist healthcare enterprises in the development of AI models for the evaluation of conditions such as diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy.  Read more about  Ophthalmology Data Annotation


Zygoma AI empowers dermatologists with precise medical data annotation and curation, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes.  


Zygoma AI's dedicated physicians meticulously annotate and curate medical data, illuminating the path for advanced healthcare insights.  


Zygoma AI: Elevating cardiac care through precise medical data annotation, empowering cardiologists to make informed decisions with utmost accuracy.  

Paramedical Workers

Paramedical workers form the backbone of healthcare data enrichment at Zygoma AI, ensuring precise medical data annotation and curation.  

CT Scans

Read more about  CT Scans

The Zygoma AI Benefits

Zygoma AI stands out in the curation of AI medical data, guaranteeing precise and well-organized medical datasets that drive forward research and diagnosis capabilities. Through adept medical data annotation, it elevates machine learning, cultivating revolutionary discoveries and tailored patient care.

Real Time Feedback

Within the domain of medical data curation and annotation, Zygoma AI distinguishes itself through its real-time feedback capability, facilitating ongoing precision enhancement. This dynamic functionality elevates the caliber of curated datasets, guaranteeing dependable insights crucial for medical research and informed decision-making.

Rapid Scalability

We present unparalleled rapid scalability in medical data curation and annotation, efficiently adapting to evolving research needs and voluminous datasets. This agility ensures accelerated progress in healthcare insights, while maintaining a high standard of accuracy and efficiency.

Data Security

The data enrichment ,labelling and annotations are done under highly secured and encrypted system ensuring HIPPA and GDPR compliance.

Faster Turn Around Time

Zygoma AI introduces accelerated turnaround times in medical data curation and annotation, expediting the process of generating valuable insights for researchers and healthcare professionals. This efficiency ensures swift access to refined datasets, propelling advancements in medical research and patient care.

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I’m absolutely delighted with the quality of data annotation services provided by Zygoma AI for our medical research project on chest X-rays. The constant communication and feedback from In -house radiologists helped us modulate our AI model and achieve better results.

Brandon P. - Product Manager

We greatly appreciate the efforts put in by medical annotators and musculoskeletal radiologists of Zygoma AI for successfully completing the data annotations for MRI knee joints with precision. I strongly recommend Zygoma AI for medical data labelling sevices.

Kavya B. - Medical Affairs Head

Zygoma AI managed our facial trauma project with the utmost professionalism and thoroughness.The presence of on board ophthalmologists and dentists made the experience very much rewarding and gratifying.

Darcy L. - Team Lead

Zygoma AI's dentistry data curation and annotation services exceeded my expectations. Their meticulous attention to detail ensured accurate results for our project. The in-house dentists not only curated the data effectively but also communicated seamlessly, making the entire process a breeze. Highly recommended for any medical data needs!

Danish T. - Marketing Manager

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