To quickly provide the data you need for production, Zygoma AI combines the greatest predictive and automatic annotation technology with precise dental data annotations done by our in-house dental surgeons.


Zygoma AI's End-to-end dentistry data annotation services.

Reliable AI models with accurate diagnostic capability by seamlessly integrating machine learning algorithms with dental X-rays and cone beam CT scans.

Zygoma AI's End-to-end dentistry data annotation services. explainatory image

Services Offered

The orthopantomogram annotations medical annotated image

The orthopantomogram annotations

Use the expertise of our dentistry team to deploy state-of-the-art AI-powered solutions for evaluation for caries or pulp origin diseases, trauma assessment and evaluation of orthodontic treatment.

Cone-beam CT Annotations

Cone-beam CT(CBCT) is a form of computed tomography, particularly helpful in dental imaging. With Zygoma AI's precise dental annotations ,Robust AI models can be deployed in speciliaties like endodontics, implant dentistry, orthodontics, and forensic dentistry.

Cone-beam CT Annotations medical annotated image

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