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Zygoma AI integrates human expertise, and cognition to deliver data insights essential for enriching medical AI models with accurate medical data annotations.

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What is medical data annotation?

Medical data annotation is a process of stratification, labelling and categorisation of Medical data for successful deployment of healthcare AI application.

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Services Offered

Medical Image Annotation medical annotated image

Medical Image Annotation

Image annotation includes adding tags to digital data. The process involves labeling anatomical structures in clinical images and delineating boundaries. With image labelling, one may do a number of tasks, including object detection, picture segmentation, and classification.

Medical Video Annotation

Medical AI algorithms benefit from the contextual information that is provided by annotating video frames.

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Medical Document annotation and analysis medical annotated image

Medical Document annotation and analysis

Advancements in digital documents analysis can be done by finding, classifying, and linking significant text strings in electronic medical records.

Audio and wave pattern analysis

Medical transcription specialists digitally transform data and aid in development of highly skilled healthcare AI models.

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Workforce edge with Healthcare Consultants

Zygoma AI’s in house doctors perfom multitple level of analysis to create tailor made methodology across various verticals.


Fostering the growth of medical AI startups worldwide through the provision of top-tier data training, including precise x-ray data annotation and labeling services.  Read more about  Radiology Data Annotation


Zygoma AI aims to support healthcare enterprises in developing innovative products and treatments for various medical conditions by providing expert-led data labeling services for precise annotation of cytology histopathology slides.  Read more about  Pathology Data Annotation


Zygoma AI expediently delivers the essential data required for production by integrating cutting-edge predictive and automated annotation technology with meticulous dental data annotations carried out by our in-house dental surgeons.  Read more about  Dental Data Annotation


Zygoma AI provides ophthalmology-guided data labeling and annotation services to ensure accurate annotations of fundoscopy images. These services assist healthcare enterprises in the development of AI models for the evaluation of conditions such as diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy.  Read more about  Ophthalmology Data Annotation


Zygoma AI empowers dermatologists with precise medical data annotation and curation, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes.  


Zygoma AI's dedicated physicians meticulously annotate and curate medical data, illuminating the path for advanced healthcare insights.  


Zygoma AI: Elevating cardiac care through precise medical data annotation, empowering cardiologists to make informed decisions with utmost accuracy.  

Paramedical Workers

Paramedical workers form the backbone of healthcare data enrichment at Zygoma AI, ensuring precise medical data annotation and curation.  

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